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Communicate Speech Language Therapy provides effective individualised therapy to children with speech or language difficulties. Speech therapy is available in Wanaka, Queenstown and online. Susan Helmore is an experienced Speech Language Therapist, specialising in helping children with speech sound or language difficulty and stuttering . Communicate Speech Language Therapy provide a variety of therapy services:

  • Online Speech Therapy in New Zealand
  • Face to face speech therapy sessions at your home or learning centre (speech therapy in Wanaka or speech therapy in Queenstown)
  • Speech Therapy home programmes
  • Communication Screening Assessments
  • Education sessions to parents and teachers

Communication is an essential and very important human need as well as a basic human right. We develop our communication skills before we are even born. During the early years (0-5) we learn to make sounds, speak words and express ourselves through sentences. A very complex skill, and one we usually take for granted, however many children have difficulty developing these skills, which can impact how they play, socialise, behave and learn.

If children’s speech and/or language difficulties are picked up early enough, and they get the appropriate support, these impacts will be lessened or avoided.

Speech Therapy will help your child if they are

  • difficult to understand
  • saying certain sounds unclearly
  • struggling to express their thoughts
  • repeating the same sound or word over and over

Contact me for more information or to book a session.

Susan is a wonderful speech and language therapist, our son Hunter was lucky enough to have help from Susan from the age of four which really helped him with his sounds and brought out his confidence. He always enjoyed his sessions with Susan and came home wanting to do more work with his workbook. Its … Continue reading Carlyn


Susan is an extremely caring and professional speech and language therapist and I unreservedly recommend her! Our twin daughters were diagnosed with severe phonological delay at 3.5 years old. Due to our situation, our therapy journey through to resolution, was a long one that required a significant time and effort investment from the girls, us … Continue reading Carrie


Susan is an awesome therapist. Logan had speech therapy with Susan for approx 2 years from around the age of 3 years and what an amazing transformation with his language. Susan came into our home once a fortnight, incorporating games into her therpy is fabulous as Logan had no idea he was learning as he … Continue reading Paula


Susan is a wonderful therapist. Very caring and patient. The work she did with my daughter from about 3 years old was outstanding and made a huge difference to her confidence and ability to communicate. Bailey speech was assessed as qualifying for ministry funding but the sessions pravoided were infrequent. The weekly visits from Susan … Continue reading Paula T

Paula T